Netmax Technologies is providing the best of the class plc training in Chandigarh since 2006. Netmaxplc training in chandigarh plc training in chandigarh PLC training in Chandigarh | Netmax Technologies plc training in chandigarh 5 150x150 Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leader in industrial training in north India since 2001. Netmax has developed various PLC automation panels for plc training in Chandigarh. students from various universities and colleges are doing PLC training in Chandigarh at Netmax Technologies automation division. Netmax Technologies is Covering Complete Detail Ladder Logic Programming of Different PLCs and Project implementation, Scada, HMI, Drivers as well as Analog Electronics, Power Electronics, Electrical Devices Interfacing, and Sensor Interfacing. Netmax Technologies has also Included Special Module of Orcad Circuit Design Environment and Printed Circuit Board Design Module With Plc Training in Chandigarh. Orcad Design Environment Is the best of the class Electronics product Development Environment.


What is a PLC?

A PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER ( PLC ) is an industrialized computer system control system that constantly watches the condition of input instrument and also makes actions based on a customized program to manage the condition of output systems. Nearly every manufacturing line, device function, or even process might be greatly advanced utilizing this type of control system. However, the greatest advantage of using a PLC is the ability to alter and also reproduce the operation or process while collecting and communicating vital information. Netmax Technologies is Providing State of the Art Training on Siemens PLC, Allen Bradly PLC, Schnider PLC, Mitsubishi as well as a State of The art Netmax PLC Developed By Netmax Automation Division.



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