Netmax Automation is providing 6 weeks / 6 months industrial training in various Siemens Automation Training Courses in Chandigarh. Netmax has proven top of the world in the area of Automation training after setting landmarks and bringing smiles of pleasure to the faces of individuals who came here to learn Plc automation. Netmax was founded in the year 2001 and throughout the last 16 years we have developed astonishingly into the number one training company in North India. At Netmax, we focus on High quality and recognize the importance of providing Quality Technical Education in creating a competitive edge. Netmax Technologies has experts and trainers from the finest of industries.

Siemens Automation Training Courses on offer at Netmax:

Working with S7Siemens Automation Training Courses siemens automation training courses Siemens Automation Training Courses in Chandigarh at Netmax certified trainnig in chandigarh 72x300

1.) Introduction to STEP7
2.) The SIMATIC Manager
3.) Programming with Symbols
4.) Creating a Program in OB1
5.) Creating a Program with Function Blocks and Data Blocks
6.) Configuring the Central Rack
7.) Downloading and Debugging the Program
8.) Programming a Function
9.) Programming a Shared Data Block
10.) Programming a Multiple Instance
11.) Configuring the Distributed I/O with Profibus DP

Programming with S7

1.) Introducing the Product and Installing the Software
2.) Working Out the Automation Concept
3.) Basics of Designing a Program Structure
4.) Startup and Operation
5.) Setting Up and Editing the Project with Different Versions of S7
6.) Defining Symbols
7.) Creating Blocks and Libraries
8.) Creating Logic Blocks and Data Blocks
9.) Parameter Assignment for Data Blocks
10.) Creating STL Source Files
11.) Displaying Reference Data
12.) Checking Block Consistency and Time Stamps as a Block Property
13.) Configuring Messages
14.) Controlling and Monitoring Variables
15.) Establishing an Online Connection and Making CPU Settings
16.) Downloading and Uploading
17.) Testing with the Variable Table
18.) Testing Using Program Status
19.) Diagnostics
20.) Printing and Archiving
21.) Working with M7 Programmable Control Systems
22.) Tips and Tricks


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Plc Automation Training In Patiala siemens automation training courses Siemens Automation Training Courses in Chandigarh at Netmax Netmax Technologies sco 198 200 office address 768x194 2


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