Plc Automation Training In Patiala

The Core Systems, Chandigarh is offering top-notch Plc training in Chandigarh since 2006. The Core Systems provides the best plc preparation in Patiala. The Core Systems is one of the leading Industrial Training Company in among all companies/Institute since 2001. After a great success The Core Systems now offering the Plc automation training in Patiala.Plc Automation Training in Patiala plc automation training in patiala PLC AUTOMATION Training in Patiala with 100% Placement Assistance netmax automation iso certified

The Core Systems is One of the Outstanding Pvt. sector Companies providing the best Industrial Training Platform for students of Engineering & Technology Since  2001, In plc automation and other Technical Courses such as  Digital Marketing, PLC Automation, Internet of Things(IOT), Cadd and Catia, Solid Works, PLC SCADA Training.

Plc Automation Training in Patiala, The Core Systems has developed/created different PLC Automation panel for plc preparation in Patiala. Students of Engineering & Technologies from different colleges and Universities are doing PLC Automation Training in Patiala at The Core Systems Advancements division.


In our six Months & six Weeks industrial training program for Plc automation training in Patiala. With the advancement of technologies, The Core Systems focus on the various important topics which help the students in their future such as:-

  • Stepping Stool Logic Programming/Ladder logic Programming of different PLC’s and Project Implementation.
  • PLC fundamentals.Plc automation Training In Patiala plc automation training in patiala PLC AUTOMATION Training in Patiala with 100% Placement Assistance plc scada dcs training 500x500
  • PLC’s.
  • SCADA System.
  • Human-machine- Interface (HMI).
  • I/O modules.
  • Practical Exposure Schneider (TWIDO), Siemens,
  • Drivers & Analog Electronics.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Electrical Devices & Sensor Interfacing.
  • PLC Role in Industrial Automation.

The Core Systems offer best of the class PLC automation training in Patiala, The Core Systems has also added a special Module of Orcad circuit Design & Printed circuit Board with Plc training in Patiala. Orcad circuit Design environment is top-notch Electronics item Development Environment for PLC automation training in Patiala

What is PLC?

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) s a ruggedized PC utilized for mechanical computerization. The PLC gets data from associated sensors or info gadgets forms the information and triggers yields dependent on pre-customized parameters. The Core Systems is Providing State of the Art Training on Siemens PLC, Allen Bradly PLC, Schnider PLC, Mitsubishi just as a State The craftsmanship The Core Systems PLC is Developed By The Core Systems Automation Division.

Why The Core Systems

offers six months/weeks of PLC automation training in Patiala, we have a strong team of Teachers for our training program. The Core Systems provides highly qualified staff for their students. we provide 100% job assurance for students who are looking for a job after the completion of courses. we have a strong connection with a list of Multi-National Companies. 

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Candidates who are interested in plc automation training in Patiala can contact our Chandigarh address as we don’t have any plc automation centre in Patiala. students from Patiala mostly join us at our following Chandigarh center for plc automation training.

Plc Automation Training In Patiala plc automation training in patiala PLC AUTOMATION Training in Patiala with 100% Placement Assistance 2

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